Here we have a warrior riding a cubic chariot, upon which four columns support a starry dais; these columns symbolize the four elements, while the cubic chariot signifies that the ambition of the warrior has been realized through his will conquering every obstacle.

The warrior himself has a golden band around his brow as a sign of the eternal light he is endowed with. In one hand, he holds a sword, the emblem of victory, and in his other hand, a scepter tipped with a square (Matter), a circle (Eternity), and a triangle (Divinity). He wears on his breast a Cuirass, the emblem of strength: it is adorned with three T-squares, which represent Good Judgment, Will-Power and Action. A winged sphere, on the front of the chariot, speaks of the exultation of the intellectual power in the infinite space and time. Two Sphinxes are hitched to this chariot and are now at rest. The black one represents Evil, the white one Good. They are both the slaves of the Magus when he has come out victorious from the various tests.

This Arcane, VII., means that the empire of the world belongs to those who possess the sovereignty of the mind; that is to say the Light which reveals all the mysteries of life.

From Practical Astrology by Comte C. de Saint-Germain


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