This image, which has often been called the Atheist, or the Fool, represents a blind man with a bag on either side of his shoulder and a stick in his hand, walking towards a broken obelisk, stretched on the ground and behind which, with its huge mouth open, a crocodile awaits him. It is truly the picture of the Atheist who sees not the divine light and carries the weight of his mistakes and his faults. His stick cannot guide him, and he walks, urged on by fatality towards his ruin, symbolized by the voracious crocodile. In the sky above, the sun is partially eclipsed by a dark shadow, the symbol of Doubt destroying Faith.

This Arcane, XXII., means that a number of misfortunes are threatening you, and that your only hope is to come to you from Heaven towards which your prayers must rise constantly.

From Practical Astrology by Comte C. de Saint-Germain

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