Here we have Occult Science represented by a stately woman seated between two columns of a temple, these columns representing Good and Evil; the figure is crowned with a crescent and her face is veiled, as a sign that Truth is not visible to the profane; she has upon her breast the Solar Cross, emblematic of universal generation, and, in her lap, a papyrus half covered by her cloak, indicating that the mysteries of the sacred science are unveiled only to the Initiated.

The tiara upon her head is the emblem of the power of intelligence lighted up by wisdom represented by the crescent; the figure is seated, because science united to wisdom and will-power is immovable.

This Arcane, II., tells us that if man possesses a strong will he cannot fail to see the true light and to obey it properly. It is essential, however, that he should keep silent as to his opinions and projects, as it has been said that “the world belongs to the silent ones.”

From Practical Astrology by Comte C. de Saint-Germain


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