The Magus (magician) is standing in the attitude of the will-power about to act; he is dressed in white, the emblem of purity, with a circle of gold around his brow, emblem of eternal light; he holds in the right hand a scepter tipped with a circle, the emblem of creative intelligence.

He raises this scepter toward Heaven to indicate his aspirations to wisdom, science and moral force. His left hand points towards the earth to show that he is ready to dominate over matter.

In front of him, upon a cube — the image of absolute solidity — are found a cup full of human passions, a sword, the weapon of the braves who fight error, finally a golden pentacle (piece of money), the emblem of the reward granted to voluntary labor.

His belt is a snake biting its tail, the symbol of eternity. The Ibis upon the cube typifies vigilance.

This Arcane, I., means: A firm will and confidence in yourself guided by reason and the love of justice shall lead you to the object of your ambition and save you from the dangers on the way.

From Practical Astrology by Comte C. de Saint-Germain


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