A man is hanging by one foot from a gallows stretched across the trunks of two trees the twelve branches of which have been cut off. His hands are bound and from them drop pentacles or gold pieces. One of his legs, folded down and forming with the other a reversed triangle, tells us that he dies the victim of the wicked ones. His bound hands from which drop the gold pieces, mean that ideas survive those who sacrificed themselves for them and that they will come forth later. The twelve branches that have been cut down symbolize the signs of the Zodiac who return regularly year after year.

This Arcane, XII., means that one must sacrifice one’s self for others without awaiting anything but ingratitude as a reward. Forgiveness must remain our most precious gift, as it causes us to resemble more closely our Divine prototype.

From Practical Astrology by Comte C. de Saint-Germain


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