ARCANE X. (O — J — Y = 10.) THE SPHINX

We have here the most ancient drawing of the Wheel of Destiny turning upon its axis.
On one side we see the God Kne-phta, the Spirit of Good; on the other side, Typhon, the Spirit of Evil, who is about to be thrown off from the wheel while the Spirit of Good is rising. Over the whole presides a full figure of a winged Sphinx representing the four forces of human nature: to Know, to Dare, to Act, to Be Silent.

The Sphinx remains in perfect equilibrium as if the constantly revolving wheel of fortune had no influence over him. He thus symbolizes the mysterious power of God disposing of human destinies according to the good or bad actions of everyone. In his claws, the Sphinx holds a javelin, the emblem of supreme justice. At the foot of the supporting beam of the axis, two snakes symbolize the even forces that balance each
other, while both constantly struggle for supremacy.

This Arcane, X., means that if we want only what is true, what is just, what is within our reach: if we keep silent as to our designs: if, finally, we add perseverance to the rest, we shall find ourselves one day in possession of the Key to Power.

From Practical Astrology by Comte C. de Saint-Germain


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