Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries: – The  Ram ♈

Aries is a Fiery, Masculine, Movable, Equinoctial sign, is ruled by Mars, the “God of War.” The Sun enters Aries on March 21st and passes into Taurus on April 22nd.

Those born while the Sun is in Aries are of a persistent, determined nature, somewhat inclined to be fiery or quick in temper, very independent and more inclined to lead rather than to follow. They have a natural dislike for a master, and always wish to govern themselves; they admire scientific thought or philosophy, and desire to excel in whatever engages their attention; they are generally quite fearless and ambitious, and do not become discouraged easily. Although quick in temper and quick to resent abuse or imposition, they are very forgiving, and do not hold a grudge against one for any length of time.

Aries people have excellent vitality, and generally a very strong constitution; do not give up to sickness easily and recover quickly from disease. They have a very sharp and penetrating will-power, which, when properly used will influence others very quickly.

Aries people harmonize best with those who are born with the Sun in Leo or Sagittarius, and fairly well with Gemini or Aquarius.

The ruling gems for Aries are the Ruby and Sardonyx.

For Employment or Profession. Those born under the influence of this sign succeed best in vocations requiring a quick, active temperament, with power of execution and skillful touch. Pen sketching, engraving, model making, all mechanical work. Much depends upon the hour of birth, often a good configuration of the planets will entirely change the generalities as indicated by the position of the Sun, although there is no question but that the Sun’s influence is greater than the combined influence of all the other planets.

For a location. Aries people succeed best and enjoy life more when located in prominent cities, or where there is much excitement. Capitol or Metropolitan cities, and in the cities they are more prosperous, if located in corner houses.

The Aries characteristics are expressed very forcibly in the following people, who were born while the Sun was in their sign: Henry Clay, George Francis Train, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Bruce, Mohamed, Prince Bismarck. The typical Aries person is tall, slender, long neck and sharp chin, but must have this sign ascending to have the description.

From Guide to Astrology by Fredrick White

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