Astrological formula of happiness

This formula came from Hermes Trismegistus.

In studying the works of Hermes Trismegistus the outstanding scientist and astrologer of antiquity the formula of happiness and unhappiness was found. “If the benevolent planets are in the angular houses, the person will be happy. If malevolent planets are in the angular houses, the person will not be happy. Also is important another circumstance. Formulas of happiness and unhappiness are important not only for the events but for the psychological state of the person.

So, what is the meaning and what are the manifestations of these two formulas.
In a happy place a person feels a burst of energy, fullness and joy of life. This does not mean that he will live for a long time will not hurt, will not feel the blows of fate. But it is easy to meet all the vicissitudes and trials, does not lose his presence of mind and optimism. It turns out that happiness – it’s just a feeling, or state of mind. There is no external reasons to feel happy or unhappy except the positions of benevolent planets in the horoscope creating a given formula. Therefore, we can change the future and their sense of life, changing the horoscope with the help of the move to a place with other geographic coordinates.
Benevolent planets, Sun, Jupiter and Venus in the angular houses – give happiness in different areas of life.
Disposition of good planets in 1th house allow a person to feel a satisfaction, to feel the energy flow, to be optimistic and joyous. In the 4th house is the position allows you to experience the joy of life, to love their homeland and the nature, to be happy in personal life.


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