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Astrologer: Alexander Demin

Your Astrology Reading: what is this?

Horoscope Readings – a personal matter, thus the information that I’ll receive from you, I’ll keep in secret. I will not use the data of your horoscope either for training or to prepare articles. For that, I have a database of birth charts of celebrities and other public people, or data from the internet. I can guarantee that your secrets will remain secrets and I will work for your interests only.

You do not have to go somewhere for the reading – we’ll discuss everything via E-mail, Skype, Facebook or Twitter. I usually do not use the phone¬†to avoid unnecessary costs.

I will communicate with you in an understandable language, without any specific astrological terms. However, if you are fond of astrology, and if you want, I will gladly tell you how I arrived at these or those conclusions.

My main field is a predictive astrology. I using astrological methods of Western Astrology, created in pre-WWII Germany, which reworked later by Russian astrologers, which allows me to make predictions of the key events in your life. I do not provide vague arguments, everything is quite precise and concrete. The methods I use was proven by statistics and allow me to make accurate predictions, but, as you may know, the prediction cannot be 100% accurate, no matter how excellent the astrologer can be. Much depends on the Higher Forces and the free will of the person himself.

I will not only say what to expect from this life, but I also give recommendations on how to change the unfortunate situation. You will spend your money not just on ascertaining the fact but on the recommendation about how to improve the situation and change your life for better.

The usual price of a written analysis of a horoscope is $ 150, depending on the laboriousness of the work. For people with whom I communicate constantly and regularly, on current issues, the price of the next consultation is $ 100.

I work only on prepayment by a bank or electronic payment. After payment, in a day or two, you will receive a written consultation on the issues raised and I will answer the questions you have.

Your Astrology Reading: how to do this?

  1. Write me an e-mail to (For this purpose you can also use the contact form below) Describe the essence of the issue.

2. Be prepared to provide:

A) Place of birth and current location.

B) Date of birth.

C) The exact time of your birth.

D) The time you decided to ask the astrologer for reading.

Remember that for the most accurate horoscope, you need an exact birth time.

  1. In the reply letter, I will specify the cost and time ifinish my work (usually 2-3 days after the payment), I will send the requisites for payment. It is possible that I will need an additional information about the events that have already taken place in your life to complete an order. Most often this applies to cases when your exact birth time is not known, or is not known accurately.
  2. You can pay for the reading in a way convenient for you, depending on the country and the conditions in which you are located, I will tell you the options for payment.
  3. From the moment of receipt of money, I will inform you that I started working. We will coordinate the time convenient for communication. I do not limit the time of the consultation.

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