Astrology and Strong and Weak Natures

The Alchemical Arcana, and the Hidden Treasure of Wisdom, England, United Kingdom, 1831, by John Bennett.
The Alchemical Arcana, and the Hidden Treasure of Wisdom, England, United Kingdom, 1831, by John Bennett.

Timorous people, the type who cross the bridge of adversity before they reach it, had better leave the study of astrology to stronger characters, because on these people the knowledge of future “bad” aspects might have a paralysing effect.They lack the courage and strength to struggle with their lower self, and by their fear they would only strengthen the influence of the planet. It is scarcely advisable to acquaint such people with something regarding “bad aspects” in the future. That there are natures who cannot bear the truth, is however, no reason to withhold the truth from those who are strong. On the contrary, the knowledge of it is of incalculable use. The weaker ones, might also derive force from it, if they only thought of the good aspects which are sure to come and will help them. Astrology teaches how long the bad time should last, and knowing that it is only a passing cloud, a temporary darkening of the sun, they will gain strength.

The Mystical Heart Diagram
The Mystical Heart Diagram of Paul Kaym –The Helleleuchtender Hertzens-Spiegel, Amsterdam and Gdansk, Heinrich Betkius,1680, is thought have been been compiled and edited by Paul Kaym from writings of Abraham von Franckenberg

Among those who study some branch of occult sciences there are many who say selfconsciously: “Astrological influences cannot do anything to me I have outgrown them.” To be sure, these people do not realise the full significance of their words and moreover they are blind to their faults and foibles.

No one ever rose to the height of being above these influences! Even the highest Ego, who incarnates on this earth of his own free will, has submitted himself to limitations. They influence all of us, the lowest as well as the highest, but through the latter they will be expressed in another, a more harmonious way, that is the difference. For him also, however, it is of the greatest use to know when he will be subjected to certain influences, when he will be best fitted for one kind of work, when for another. He will be able to use these influences for his benefit; for what else does the expression: “to rule one’s stars” signify but to use the planetary influences in the right direction, for one’s benefit. The influences tend to make us by certain old faults in our character act in this way or the other but we need not give in slavishly, we may rise above them. Therefore, is it not highly useful to be fore-warned?

Author: C. Aq. Libra


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