Astrology, its technics and ethics. E-Book

Astrology, its technics and ethics

Author: C. Aq. Libra

The Year of publishing: 1917

Topics: Astrology

Publisher: Amersfoort

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The number of pages: 282 pages

Language: English


About the author

The Dutch astrologer C.Aq. Libra (birth name Roelf Takens) was born on 2 October 1862 at 23:00 in Winsum. In addition to his work as an astrologer and book author, he worked as a horse veterinarian, and became known as a painter. His most famous astrological work is “Astrology, its technics and ethics”, which has been translated into many languages. Takens, like many astronomers of his time, was strongly influenced by the theories, elements, and theories of Theosophy Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.



Astrology Its Technics and Ethics is a comprehensive guide to the world of astrology written by Dutch astrologer and author, C. Aq. Libra. This book was crafted for the sole purpose of introducing the ideology and practice of astrology to the general public, and encouraging it’s practice. With that mission in mind, this book has become widely known and has been translated into a variety of other languages to make it accessible to people across the world. This book also approaches astrology from a very basic standpoint, and presents concepts to readers in a way that makes them easily understandable no matter how limited the reader’s previous experience in astrology may be, making it the perfect text for a beginner in the field.

While astrology was once an accepted science, it has since been discredited and is today utilized primarily as a form of entertainment rather than a system of understanding and forecasting the events of the universe. In the introduction to the book, Libra addresses the history of astrology being discredited and that the reader can now use astrology as an educational tool, as opposed to a scientific one. He then explores the legacy of astrology including well-known men who have studied and taught astrology to willing students. After laying the groundwork for the discussion of astrology as a whole, Libra explores a variety of specific topics in astrology including: phases of the planets, strong and weak natures, fate and free-will, horoscopes, signs of the zodiac, ascendant and rising signs, karma and reincarnation, and the state of the cosmos.

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