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This week, starting tonight and to the 6th of April will be the toughest week of the year 2020.

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There will be a conjunction of Mars and Saturn. This is the reason why everyone is telling us to stay at home! Not because the authorities want to control you, influence your brain and reinstall the new world order? They just follow the plans that were prepared a long time ago and covered by so called Coronavirus. The new world order is being established without so called “elites” and they are not in the position to change things because they simply have no power over the new energies of change that coming into our lives. A lot of “people” who are parasites, who sucked energy of the society, will be wiped out of this realm, no matter how high their positions in this world, how sharp their teeth and how deep the pockets. The processes are very powerful! Almost no one is able to influence the undergoing changes! The common people are also in danger, and they should be taken care of. If you have an old relative, and you have an opportunity to go to a countryside far away from 5G towers, you should take them ASAP! The parasites may have plans to use others people’s lives as a substitutes and may think that they will be able to buy out this way their rotten souls. It will not work of course, but the attempts may be made and an innocent people may die. The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius is a certain increasing number of deaths and diseases. Saturn requires obedience and puts limits. That’s why there are severe restrictions on personal freedom and rules. But on the other hand, the new Mars-Saturn trend is forced cooperation and mutual assistance, collective work to overcome any problems. This can be at the state level, at the corporate level, at the level of business or personal communication.

This week, May 5th, 2020 there will be a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, these are the higher and slower planets. Pluto is an atomic energy, the planet that rules underworld and death. Jupiter is an expansion. It can be interpreted as an expansion of an energy that causes death. What kind of energy? Many some unknown before energy or some disease. You may check #5GCoronavirus hashtag on twitter for further information. It will not be only one week influence. It’s for a long time and will change our world beyond any possible believes. Everything throughout the year will be tested and updated, and again and again. This aspect will work on the global politics level and the global financial system. Mars + Saturn and Jupiter + Pluto = change of our world forever. Do not be surprised at anythig, even a royalty deaths. The world order is changing. This is not some kind of global plot. This is the dawn of the new Era. The age of Aquarius at the threshold.

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