Mercury Retrograde (December 3-23 , 2017)

Retrograde movement of Mercury or movement back as the path of the planet visible from the Earth. The retrograde effect arises as a result of the difference in the velocities of the Earth and Mercury relative to the Sun. In a retrograde motion, the planet repeats its path along the same degrees of the Zodiac, over which it has already passed in its direct movement.

The Ascendant or Rising Zodiac Sign

The Ascendant or Rising Sign.

Appearance, Temperament, General Character.

That part of the sign *) which at birth was rising on the eastern horizon, gives the form of the body, the temperament and the character in general, modified, however, by the signs in which ☉ and ☽ are placed and by the influence of those planets which occupy a prominent place in the horoscope e.g. in the ascendant or in M. C.