The Ascendant or Rising Zodiac Sign

The Ascendant or Rising Sign.

Appearance, Temperament, General Character.

That part of the sign *) which at birth was rising on the eastern horizon, gives the form of the body, the temperament and the character in general, modified, however, by the signs in which ☉ and ☽ are placed and by the influence of those planets which occupy a prominent place in the horoscope e.g. in the ascendant or in M. C.

The ascendant expresses in general the characteristics and tendencies which the native has made his own in preceding lives in opposition to its antipode the descendant which expresses qualities not sufficiently developed, and which would be desirable in spouse, co-operator or partner in order to form together a harmonic whole. Also the sign occupied by the M. C. has often a very strong influence on appearance and character.

We must not take the expression, that the ascendant gives the form of the body and the general nature of the character, too literally, but rather imagine that above mentioned qualities of body and soul represent the reflexion of the whole heavens with all their constellations at the moment when a certain degree of a sign is rising.

Conceived in that way, it will necessarily lead to the conclusion that at different latitudes the reflexion of the heavens or i. o. w. the effect of the ascendant on body and soul must be somewhat different, because the heavens are different at different latitudes with the same degree rising.


In how far this influence can differ, closer scrutiny will show; for the time being only little is known of it. What is known is, that the difference cannot be very large.

The M. C. is the only point of which we may be completely sure, but this is not the case with the other cusps, included the ascendant. This is observed now and again when the character and the build of the body as they ought to be according to the subdivision of the sign are compared to the image as reality gives it. This gives viz. in such cases sometimes the image of the preceding or of the following sign. We cannot always explain this by an incorrectly given time of birth.

Hiram E. Butler says in his work “Solar Biology” something regarding the transition of one sign
in another and states that this does not take place with all signs in the same way. This may be of importance when the first or the last degrees of the signs are rising or when a planet is placed in them at birth.

*) The ruler of the sign that is rising ought first of all to be considered, next the sign itself, the house and the aspects, and then the sub-ruler of the decanate. Both require profound study when a horoscope is being judged. Also the houses with which the ruler and the sub-ruler run parallel; – e.g. if the first decanate of ♌ is rising, study carefully also the 5th house (house of ♌). If the 2nd decanate of ♌ is rising, the 9th house (house of ♐) as well etc.

Author: C. Aq. Libra

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