Money Prospects In A Horoscope

Good indications of financial success are Jupiter in the 10th or 2nd house and well aspected; or, Venus in the 2nd house well aspected by a conjunction, trine or sextile to the Sun or Moon; or, in trine or sextile to any planet. If Jupiter or Venus be in the 4th or 7th house and in good aspect to other planets, it is a very good indication of a fortunate and easy life. 

Horoscope Of Reconciliation

Dinner Date - J. Frederick Smith, 1950s
Dinner Date – J. Frederick Smith, 1950s

Aries ♈

Make up with a man-Aries is pretty simple. Despite the fact that quarrels with the representatives of this sign usually pass violently, the conflict quickly ends – Aries is quick-witted and instantly forgets about the insults. Carefully watch your Aries. If he behaves as if nothing had happened, keep the same. If you do not live together, call and suggest a joint weekend. Your voice should sound joyful and cheerful – Aries will like such enthusiasm.