Domine fiat que per Signum Domine non tradas pro Belli
Talisman of Happiness. This pentacle, depicted on parchment, on the day of spring and the hour of Jupiter (or Venus), the enemies of Mars, is fumigated with olive oil and a spider. He is worn on his right hand and, drawing lots, pronounces the words depicted in his circle: “Domine fiat que per Signum Domine non tradas pro Belli”.

Words are the symbols of ideas, and bear the same correspondence to the physical brain as matter does to spirit, a medium of expression, and are subject to continual change in their application and meaning, in exact proportion to the changing mental and moral condition of the people. As the planet, as well as man, is continually progressing, so must there be a higher and nobler conception of ideas.


Birth of Akhenaten's offsprings
Birth of Akhenaten’s offsprings

The Astro-Mythological system of the ancients, though forming the last section, so to say, of the mysteries of the Divine Urania, is, perhaps, the most beautiful of its general features, and perfect in the complete fulfillment of the purpose for which it was intended, viz.:— to convey to the human mind a lesson, a moral, a truth in Nature; and last, but not the least, to serve as a basis upon which its inner aspirations and its more external faith might rest in security.

The Constellations

The twelve great constellations of the zodiacal belt which forms the Earth’s orbit and the Sun’s shining pathway around the celestial universe have been considered as mere imaginary figures, or emblems, invented by an early, primitive people to distinguish the monthly progress of the Sun and mark out, in a convenient manner, the twelve great divisions, or spaces, of the solar year.

The Use of Astrology

THE 7 PLANETARY GODS. Erasmus Franciscus, The Lust House of the Upper and Lower World, Nuremberg 1676.
THE 7 PLANETARY GODS. Erasmus Franciscus, The Lust House of the Upper and Lower World, Nuremberg 1676.

From that which precedes, it becomes clear to us, that in order to find harmony, we must learn in our present physical existence to have our lower self, with all its desires and habits, ruled by our conscience, correctly speaking our higher self, which is our real being. That higher, true self, struggles to conquer “the dragon,” the lower self, by which it gets the opportunity to re-unite with its divine Source.