Determining a premature death from a Horoscope

Death tarot card 13

In this article, we will consider what indications should be sought in the natal chart to find if there is a probability of untimely death. There is the so-called formula of premature death, which was discovered by the outstanding Russian astrologer Sergey Shestopalov.

As known, the event component depends on the interaction between the houses of the horoscope. The houses of the horoscope connected with each other through the interaction of elements of the horoscope, that is, through their positioning, rulership, and aspectation. The connections between this elements create links between the houses of the horoscope.
As a result of long-term studies conducted by the St.Petersburg Astrological Academy, Russia, based on the analysis of a large number of natal charts, the formula of premature death was discovered, consisting of combinations of certain horoscope houses.

Now let us consider, what is the formula of premature death is. First of all, it is necessary to clarify that in this formula the first house of the horoscope is involved as a house, participating in events related to physical activity, physical harm, injuries and diseases that change a person’s appearance. Among other things, the first house is associated with the danger to life.
The formula that is responsible for injuries consists of 1st or (and) 10th houses damaged by 6, 8 or 10 houses.


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