Exaltation of the Septener Planets

In addition to signs of rulership, the planets manifest their power in signs of exaltation. Exaltation indicates a strong desire of the native to manifest the principle of the planet in the outward world, which is not always possible to accomplish. The main reason for this is the lack of desire to manifest the principle of the planet in life. Without the active use of the energy of the planet, there will be no realization.

In practical work, only the exaltation of the septener’s planets should be considered, since the action of the higher planet covers whole generations of people and their influences on individuality are not so significant in the context of individuality.

Traditional Astrology considered the planet exalted as the second ruler of the sign.

According to the Traditional Astrology of the planet, septeners are exalted in the following signs and their degrees:

The Sun – Aries, 27 degree;
Moon – Taurus, 3 degree;
Mercury – Virgo, 15 degree;
Venus – Pisces, 27 degree;
Mars – Capricorn, 28 degree;
Jupiter – Cancer, 15 degree;
Saturn – Libra, 21 degree.


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