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Horary Astrology: The Key to Scientific Prediction, Being the Prognostic Astronomer

Author: William Joseph Simmonite, John Story

The Year of publishing: 1896

Topics: Astrology

Publisher: W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd., London

Rights: Out of copyright

Source Library: Harvard College Library

The number of pages: 265 pages

Language: English

One of the MUST READ on Horary Astrology!

Book review:


1896. A utilitarian text book on Horary Astrology designed to, with a very few weeks of study, to convince students of the feasibility of foretelling the result of any important undertaking or event. Horary Astrology, which the author has denominated as Prognostic Astronomy, is the sublime art of foreseeing events from the position of the heavenly bodies, the stars, which were made by Omnipotence for signs of things to come, and for seasons, and for days, and for years… Nothing more than this volume and Astronomical Ephemeris is required for the student to practice Horary Astrology, or answer his own or his friend’s sincere questions.

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