Determining the formula of a large business and an enormous wealth in the horoscope

This formula of a large business and an enormous wealth was discovered by the outstanding Russian astrologer Sergey Shestopalov. This formula is described in his book Business Astrology

For finding this formula we always should look at the local birth chart of the native.
first of all, it is necessary to estimate the strength of the IInd house of the horoscope, in order to determine the financial capabilities of a person. Before look for a working formula of a large business, you need to have the formula for a small business (2 +/~ 3) and medium-size business (2 +/~ 8) formulas. For the formula of medium-sized businesses, there must be aspects of money-grubbing and bankruptcy ( inharmonious connections between 2nd and 8th houses).
The astrological formula of a large business is the connections of II, IX and XI houses, harmonious and tense. Since the Middle Ages, astrologers knew that the interaction of II with the IX house increases the incomes of the native. These connections create a formula of a wealth.
The formula for wealth can be written as follows:

II +/~ IX = min 3 & II +/~XI = min 3 & IX +/~ XI = min 3,
Where (min 3) means the minimum number of connections necessary for the formula to be workable. The more connections there are the more opportunities for native to get rich.
Now we will write out each of the components of this formula:


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