Luck of different Signs of the Zodiac

♈ ARIES. Zodiac sign Aries is lucky in a career, as they manage to cope with the problems that their less fortunate and hardworking colleagues broke off. They have luck in gambling, although the most favorite gambling game of Aries is life.

And, by the way, Aries become successful players, most likely, precisely because they are attracted by the process itself, and not by the end result. Financial issues are also a sphere of luck for representatives of this sign of the Zodiac. Where others remain without premiums, long begging for increases in salaries or trying to “draw out” investments, Aries keeps going like clockwork. In general, Aries is one of the most lucky signs of the zodiac.

♉ TAURUS. Taurus lucky in money matters, and even if they persistently do not want to work, and that can happen with them, they will not subsist without money. There will always be those who will not only provide them with a decent standard of living, but also hand out money for various kinds of entertainment.

And if Taurus selflessly works, he quickly achieves strong material prosperity, even if he does not save money, but spends money on trips, arranging a home, teaching children and all sorts of goodies and pleasantness. About representatives of this sign, you can say: money comes to money. Lucky representatives of this sign and on the necessary acquaintances – Taurus has connections everywhere and this greatly facilitates their lives.

♊ GEMINI. Gemini is lucky in the trade. They are able to sell even the most stagnant goods and do it so masterly that the poor buyer gets the impression that he became the owner of the exclusive.

And also representatives of this sign of the Zodiac attract information, objective or subjective – it does not matter, they can always attach it to the business, take advantage of it. In money, they are also lucky – if they for some reason suddenly run out of a livelihood, then in some mystical way arises the amount needed, for example, someone returns an old debt or they find a long forgotten stash.

♋ CANCER. Cancers are lucky in the savings. It is them who are able to “wither over gold”, the more money and deposits they have, the happier they feel. Moreover, they have a nose for profitable investments, and if the balanced Cancer goes all-in, investing all of its money in an enterprise, he remains in a huge win.

Cancer also lucky in family life – they have everything for this – devotion to their “second half”, the desire to make sure that their relatives do not need anything, the desire to equip their home in the best way.

♌ LEO. Leos are lucky for good people in their lives. They are remembered even after many years and remembered, as a rule, with the most kind feelings. Despite the egoism, even the egocentrism of representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, they are surrounded by loyal and faithful friends, Leos rarely receive a refusal to their requests.

Lions attract people to themselves and, thanks to their inner and outer charm, can practically “spin the ropes” from the surrounding ones with impunity. They lucky with shopping. They manage to buy great things at ridiculous prices. Lions are lucky and in sex – much more than in love – they are sought, and then try to demonstrate that Leo did not in vain let someone in his bed. Lovers of Leos are not vanishing even when their coevals are already out of this game of sex.

♍ VIRGO. Virgos have a bad luck – when it was handed out, the Virgo stood in a different queue – for perseverance. They have to do everything themselves, and they do it well. Just like that they are given little. This is their destiny.

However, sometimes fate still pampers them with unexpected findings such as a small bill, travel voucher or a person from which they can pull the veins. But that’s what Virgos really was lucky with since birth – it’s good taste. It’s perfect with them.

Zodiac circle with the Moon and the Sun in the center.
Zodiac circle with the Moon and the Sun in the center.

♎ LIBRA. Libra’s luck is that they, as a rule, are able to switch. Harmony is too important for them, therefore they do not know how to suffer for a long time on any one occasion. There is always something else that will occupy the thoughts of the representatives of this sign. And also Libra’s luck is that it is difficult to resist and refuse them. It is the charm that is their main secret lies. For Libra, it is very nice to do something good, and such an attitude of partners attracts luck to Libras.

♏ SCORPIO. Scorpions are famous lucky. Everything they touch turns into gold. Well, or in dung, if it is beneficial to the Scorpions themselves.

Lucky representatives of this sign and in a professional area – they have so many innate talents, that they clearly manifest themselves in everything, for which they undertake. Another side of the Scorpio’s luck is a scent for secrets and discoveries. They enthusiastically dig into the souls, in other people’s secrets, in the cause-effect relationships, and this brings them either recognition, or money, or a bullet, but this is rare – Scorpios usually and in this luck: they disappear before they are in trouble. And in love too, the representatives of this sign, as a rule, fortunate. They attract the opposite sex, they have no lack of admirers.


♐ SAGITTARIUS. Sagittarius lucky for fortunate coincidences. That is, Fortune loves representatives of this sign and always tries to create favorable circumstances for the fulfillment of all their desires and the realization of all aspirations.

If Sagittarians like to travel, then they turn out to find a work, where they can visit different places “on the job”. If they do not have enough love, then next to them magically appears a man who gives them his heart.

♑ CAPRICORN. Capricorns are lucky in everything that concerns discoveries. They can find a purse with money without identification marks, for example, without a business card of the owner, and with a calm soul leave it to yourself. They are constantly under their feet come across all kinds of jewelry.

And yet they, despite their some boring, are lucky in their kindred love, although they often marry of convenience. Capricorns, if I may say so, are lucky in health. This is the physically strongest sign of the Zodiac.

♒ AQUARIUS. Aquarius deftly combine a real and surreal world, and this is their luck. They are not hurt by the fact that their dreams are not always come true, because for the representatives of this sign are quite enough that dreams and fantasies live in their heads.

They are able to travel without getting up from the couch, while receiving from this almost real pleasure and no less real impressions. If we talk about something more mundane, Aquarius is lucky in lotteries, in gambling, for the same reason as Aries – they catch high from the process itself, and do not dream of enriching themselves. Aquarius is lucky in obtaining new knowledge, and it comes to representatives of this sign from everywhere – from the Cosmos, from rumors and stories of friends, from an accidentally turned on broadcast. The luck of Aquarians is that they are successfully using this knowledge and receiving benefits – moral or material.

♓ PISCES. First of all, Pisces are lucky that they have an incredible, mystical power over people. This gives them the opportunity to receive whatever their soul desires at this or that period of their lives. And they are lucky to have happy situations and the right people.

We must take into account the fact that Pisces is always lucky in one thing, that is, if he is lucky in love, then he is not lucky in his work. If she is lucky in her career, then she has a complete failure in her personal life.

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