Meaning of Pluto Transits

The Abduction of Proserpine by Alessandro Allori (1570)
The Abduction of Proserpine by Alessandro Allori (1570)

Macrocycle – 248 years, microcycle – 6,5-10 years. It is a very small planet, but it has an important cycle in the solar system, and it strongly affects the astral plane.

In a negative aspect, Pluto can turn any person into a slave of the situation or put him in a quandary. Transits of Pluto are similar to the transits of Mars. Sharp solutions to problems associated with the crowd, the team, with the mood of the environment, social cataclysms and the person’s reaction to them. Huge rise of energy, an excess of possibilities, an opening of second breath; Situations associated with an almost magical effect on the surrounding reality.

Negative transit gives the danger of mass disasters; Should avoid crowds, falls, collapses, earthquakes, underground structures – mines, collieries, metro, especially during rush hour, because there is a danger of psychosis, the effects of collective hysteria. A person faces one-on-one with the elements, it is difficult for him to cope with the whole flow of mass influences that occur front-line in all areas of the planet’s action. One misfortune generates another, as a chain reaction. Long-term situations are associated with Pluto, but on that day, when exactly, minute by minute, it is built into an aspect to a planet that is afflicted in a person’s horoscope, such a person should not be assigned any important events. This is especially true for a negative lunar day at the time of such transit, because in a favorable lunar day, cosmic energies can help to survive, and in an unfavorable inner nature it sleeps and can not support us.

A person who does not have a strong Fire element in his chart, initially strong activity, has very difficult time. But there is also possible a chain of positive reaction. This is a positive Pluto, providing a second wind, giving huge mass success with popularity and changing social status, with an almost hypnotic-magical effect on others by big money. Man gets away with everything, nobody stops him. A lot of benefits from other people can fall upon him; If a person is awarded, then a reward is great, and the press will write about it, he will get fame. Most people who are not tuned to the perception of mass energies getting some pushes, and they feel this energy within themselves; but many do not know how to use the positive aspect of Pluto. Any person receiving a positive potential, unconscious impact on others increases. With positive aspects, it is undesirable to be alone. It is especially bad if during this period a person was sent to prison.

Transits of Pluto with the Sun

At best, a huge spiritual energy. The opportunity to be a leader, influence others, and the worse the situation, the stronger the impact, because A person inspires confidence in the masses, can lead and show incredible vitality.

In the worst case, there is a danger from fire, explosions, fires. With an afflicted planet, there is energy, excitement, a desire to crush, break, badly affect others. Often a person bears destruction to relatives; from him emits a charge of hard, negative energy, sometimes charging others, but more often repulsive. People take over from the person an exhilaration, an exaggeration and spoil relations with him.

Transits of Pluto with the Moon





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