Mercury Retrograde (December 3-23 , 2017)

Retrograde movement of Mercury or movement back as the path of the planet visible from the Earth. The retrograde effect arises as a result of the difference in the velocities of the Earth and Mercury relative to the Sun. In a retrograde motion, the planet repeats its path along the same degrees of the Zodiac, over which it has already passed in its direct movement. From an esoteric point of view, it is a return to the past, turning inwards, rethinking the experience gained, and slowing down in the affairs. Mercury becomes retrograde 3-4 times a year. The duration of the retrograde phase is 20 days.

Mercury represents communication, telephone calls, correspondence, postal shipments, our daily mobility and short trips; all kinds of communication, means of communication, exchange of information, goods, and contacts with our closest associates. It symbolizes our type and style of thinking, as well as the ability and ability to raise our awareness, both on current issues and in our education. Its transit plays an important role in negotiations and business agreements.

Being the nearest planet from the Sun, Mercury is the main filter of our consciousness in the flow of perception of the world. In the period of its retrograde, there is a slowing of the thinking processes, the desire to analyze the accumulated information. Mercury Retrograde is not focused on new connections, new impressions, it immerses in the comprehension of what we have already learned, inclines to restore order in our thoughts and contacts.

ℹ What can be observed in the period of retro Mercury:

At this time, people are more immersed in themselves, they think and communicate a little bit differently, their mental attention is directed either to the past or to the metaphysical. Anyway, their contact with the real plan at this time is reduced. There may be a need for privacy and reduced contacts. In communication, writing can be used more often, and absent-mindedness and forgetfulness is a common thing. Many of the cases that have already begun may turn out to be “hanging”, in many cases the completion of what has been started becomes difficult for reasons beyond our control. The conclusions made at this time will not be final and will require re-examination and further development.

At this time, the rules may change, contracts may be revised, deadlines delayed, the publication of manuscripts handed over to the press may be delayed, difficulties and delays may arise in the preparation of documents. Texts given at this time to the publishing house can be abounding with inaccuracies or imperfections, proofreaders may not notice gross misprints. The probability of errors in the accounting documentation increases, important points of information may fall out of sight. In a study, more difficult understanding of new material, on trips frequent misunderstandings, delays, delays of flights. Business trips to new places and new occasions are often not effective. This period can lead to problems in the field of communication and information exchange (telephone, postal services, e-mail, communication on Internet forums), in agreements, decisions, marketing, processing and preservation of data. At this time, more often than not, communication facilities, household appliances, and transport are more likely to fail and break down, more often than at other times, delays occur at airports. Pets may need more attention. These trends can be more pronounced in the days, near the turns of Mercury to the retro-movement (R) or to the directness (D), that is, near the dates of the beginning and completion of retrograde in the calendar.

ℹ What is NOT recommended for the retro-Mercury period:

This is an unfavorable time for the start of important negotiations, for signing agreements, signing contracts, applying to the courts for filing a lawsuit, for traveling, finding a job, starting a business, changing the type of activity, starting new projects, buying communications, office equipment, and major purchases; for diagnosis and medical examination; to address new specialists, to start new business relations, new cooperation; for dangerous trips to new places and the beginning of learning something new; presentation of new ideas and projects.

Mercury retrograde

ℹ What is recommended for the retro-Mercury period:

At this time it is useful to return to the old affairs and put them in order. It can be a refinement of already started cases and projects, sorting the archive, cleaning up the computer from unnecessary files. At this time, you can make backup copies of important data and documents, backup site. More detailed work on the topics, which for some reason were postponed, is useful. Returning now to the old ideas, we can find in them something useful and important, this is the time for finalizing the projects. To use the effect of retrograde, it is possible to outline the next steps in the cases for this period that did not get results from the first attempt.

Life does not stand still in the expectation of Mercury’s directness, and, at times, it is at this time that we are forced to do paperwork, go somewhere, etc. On this occasion, remember some rules. If it is impossible to transfer the terms of the trip, the submission or receipt of documents, the conclusion of the current contract, stipulate and agree all the points, be extremely attentive to the dates and figures; double-check the writing, read the fine print; check the documents when you receive, for example, a visa, on the accuracy of the dates that are put on. When negotiating a meeting or a trip, agree on all the nuances, make sure that you understand everything correctly and that you understood correctly.

Accumulate energy. This is the time for the analysis and preparation of the cases that will need to be carried out, after the expiration of the retro-period of Mercury. For people of creative professions, this time can be very fruitful. It brings new ideas for the incarnation of unfinished images and plots, now you can more fully understand and work out what previously did not fit into the finished image or concept.

You can meet old friends that you have not seen for a long time. This is a good time for the restoration of lost links, the renewal of cooperation. In our life, people from the past can appear. At this time, old ties will benefit more than new acquaintances.

For owners of natal retro Mercury, the periods of transit retro Mercury can be more fruitful than for owners of direct, since retrospection is their natural environment. But astrological recommendations for the period of this transit are common for everyone, since we are all part of the world in which we live, and the world is in the retro phase of Mercury. Therefore, new initiatives and the beginning of something important, in business, for example, and in other areas where people depend on people and external circumstances, for the owner of the natal retro Mercury will have the same consequences as for others. However, often, in people with natal retro Mercury, important events in life take place on the transit retro Mercury, those events that do not depend on their actual choice.

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