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On New Moon, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, at this moment the Earth is facing a dark side of the moon. Two days after the new moon in the evening sky in the west shortly after sunset, there is a thin crescent of the new moon. Astrologically New Moon occurs at the moment when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction in one of the signs of the zodiac. In the same sign and degree of the New Moon is repeated regularly every 18.6 years. This is called the Saros cycle.

The last two days before the new moon and the first two after New Moon, called “Days of Hecate.” Hecate – Goddess of hell, black nights and nightmares, the goddess of witches and wizards, which according to Greek mythology, was the granddaughter of the sun and became famous as a poisoner and a murderer. Four darkest night of the month were the most mysterious, store a secret, so from ancient times to the Days of Hecate attached mystical significance, they have always been considered fatal, fatal, because it means inevitable. It was during these nights witches and wizards cooked witch’s brew and magical herbs gathered for putting “damage” and other calamities on the people. The same night was chosen for the witch orgies.

My two Moscow group in the 60-ies checked with a computer more than 6000 individual horoscopes of people, as well as states and cities. Both groups, analyzing the horoscopes of people born in the days of Hecate came to the conclusion that all these people have some kind of psychological disorder, strangeness, when the Moon is damaged noted immorality, and an immoral lifestyle.

During the New Moon (two days before and two days after the exact phase) in many people there is a marked deviation of both mental and physical character, strictly corresponding to properties of essential nature of the sign of the zodiac and to the main principles of the astrological house of the horoscope, where the New Moon occurs. In the days of the New Moon, many people observed to have a depletion of the senses, they become lethargic, indifferent, often comes to a complete insensitivity. People are becoming one-sided, lopsided, worse adapted to the circumstances, reduced intelligence, they have reduced memory and increases the likelihood of errors and failures in behavior. In New Moon, the fluid pressure is reduced in the body, so it has to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. There is an emotional block, which has a very unfavorable effect on people prone to depression. For the people who were born during the period of the New Moon, this condition can be repeated every month, it lasts a day or two, and sometimes even to the phase of the first quarter. New Moon has a particularly strong effect on men. They become more emotionally tense, nervous, aggressive, within this time it is better not to ask any favor. It was during the new moon is observed the highest number of strokes, heart attacks, seizures among the male half.

During the New Moon, people should not engage in manual labor, the strain should be minimal. Do not take active steps to implement the plan, to take the final decision and give a response to the proposal. If possible, you should engage in mental or creative labor. Collect and process information, to plan. All that is not completed in the previous step, you should continue on.

This is an important phase, as it happens the New Moon marks mental attitudes.

On the first day of Hecate people are tormented by indecision and confusion. They are wayward and stubborn, they need constant movement, communication, connection, contact, but it often leads to a loss of independence, it is easy to be influenced by others. The success is unstable, inconstant.

On the second day of Hecate, there is enhanced desire for self-deception and deception of others. Noticed unseemly behavior, increasing the number of incorrect, insensitive behavior, mental anguish, moods, fads, hysterical attacks. Often – discord between spouses. It may worsen the state of health, especially for women, or affect any other bad influence, may be troubles, coming from the mother or wife. On that day, avoid large gatherings of people, beware of water and other liquids, trips on the water and sea travel.

On the third day of Hecate people become gloomy, secretive, unsociable, lethargy, depression, pessimism and are subject to all the watch with its bell tower, are stubborn in their opinions do not retreat a single step. Chances of conception illegitimate child. Beware of hasty decisions and rash actions. If the new moon occurs in the cardinal fields, it can threaten poisoning or spoilage guidance.

On the fourth day of Hecate people become overly sensitive and impressionable, it is difficult to understand. This day is often used for human rebirth in the so-called “Zombies”, which becomes a sinister toy in the hands of the creator. This live robot will execute any order of his superior, blindly go for the kill on demand, perform any act of terror or become a religious fanatic. “Zombies” of human doing or through hypnosis, or using psychotropic agents.

If the next New Moon falls on the natal position of Jupiter, it is a good prediction of the subsequent month. You can wait for success in the field that corresponds to the field of the horoscope, which is Jupiter. Since the relationship Moon – Jupiter, almost always indicates a profit, if the New Moon occurs in the second horoscope field, profit is a result of their own labor, in XI – with the help of friends or with the sponsor, patron, in IV – by property or rent, in VI – through servants, attendants, in VIII – over the companion of the case or due to the financial transactions, etc. New Moon is always an indication of the specific events of the current month.

From Volume 4 of Classical Astrology by Sergey Vronsky

Translated from Russian by Alexander Demin

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