New Moon in Sagittarius (Dec 18, 2017).

December 18 – we are waiting for a New Moon at 26° 31′ Sagittarius, in conjunction with Saturn and in trine to Uranus. This period opens new prospects for old ideas. People will be open to new plans and experience a thirst for adventure. This new moon will breathe new energy into Sagittarius topics: international issues, foreign topics, foreign contacts, trips and issues on these topics, as well as higher education, legal, ideological, political or religious issues. These days (December 17-19) give the mobilization of forces, energy, to meet the deadlines and not leave for later what can be done now. But do not rush things, now you need to prepare well for new steps, initiatives and projects, pull up and group forces for a further breakthrough.

During the New Moon (two days before and two days after the exact phase) in many people there is a marked deviation of both mental and physical character, strictly corresponding to properties of essential nature of the sign of the zodiac and to the main principles of the astrological house of the horoscope, where the New Moon occurs. In the days of the New Moon, many people observed to have a depletion of the senses, they become lethargic, indifferent, often comes to a complete insensitivity. People are becoming one-sided, lopsided, worse adapted to the circumstances, reduced intelligence, they have reduced memory and increases the likelihood of errors and failures in behavior. In New Moon, the fluid pressure is reduced in the body, so it has to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. There is an emotional block, which has a very unfavorable effect on people prone to depression. For the people who were born during the period of the New Moon, this condition can be repeated every month, it lasts a day or two, and sometimes even to the phase of the first quarter. New Moon has a particularly strong effect on men. They become more emotionally tense, nervous, aggressive, within this time it is better not to ask any favor. It was during the new moon is observed the highest number of strokes, heart attacks, seizures among the male half.

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