Pluto and power in astrology

Pluto and power in astrology

In astrology, in the natal chart, in the tense aspects of Pluto to the personal planets (the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Mars), it gives the desire for power, but only in its various manifestations – from the humiliation of others to manipulation of other people through a sense of defenselessness.

Pluto and Mercury – power with the help of words, not without reason they say a word you can kill. Sores, sarcasm.

Pluto and the Sun – the power of his ego over the surrounding people. “You must all tremble before me and bow your head! I am the most powerful! I’m the center of the universe! ” An aspect of the military people.

Pluto and the Moon are power through emotion, but not as explicit as Pluto with the Sun. Manipulation of people. “I am stronger than you, I will subordinate you all to myself.” Or, “I’m so weak that I can not live without you. You must take care of me, cherish me so that I do not get hurt, do not be offended, I’m so poor and unhappy, pity me, I’m helpless.”

Signor Tomato from "Tale of Cipollino" by Gianni Rodari. Pluto and power astrology
Signor Tomato from “Tale of Cipollino” by Gianni Rodari. Artist – Evgeny Galey.

Pluto and Mars – power with the help of force, cruelty, violence. The one who is stronger is right. “Through force, I will get from you all that I need, you will walk my stride.” An aspect of the military. Women can manifest themselves as hatrers of men, or such a woman will attract violent and powerful men.

Pluto and Venus – power with the help of love feelings. “If you love me so much, then so be it, I will let you be with me. And I will manipulate you and your feelings, I will taunt you and enjoy it. And you in return will do everything I want, just to stay with me. Otherwise, I do not need you.” Another option is “I love you, and I can not live without you, be with me and I’ll forgive you absolutely everything, everything will be as you say” – complete submission. It may also be that both options coexist in a person, in different situations or in different spheres. For example, manipulation of a partner in love and full submission to him in sex. Men can manifest themselves as sexual violence against women, or such a man attracts powerful women.

Pluto in its negative manifestation is the most destructive planet. In strong aspects to personal planets, Pluto in the natal chart makes one enjoy humiliating others, or obeying others. It is necessary to pay attention to which signs are involved in aspects. For example, Mars in Aries or in Scorpio is unlikely to want to obey, and the Moon in Libra on the contrary – will look for support and strong people nearby.

If Pluto strains your personal planets, that is, has a quadrature and opposition to them, then try to honestly answer yourself – do you have a desire to suppress others? Perhaps in the above, you will find your attitude?

It will also be typical for conjunctions of Pluto with planets, but depends on how the conjunction is aspected from other planets. I.e., what aspects Pluto activates with its power. If it’s a trine coming from a conjunction of Pluto and a personal planet, then it can give too much of something, even more than the trine itself promises. And if the connection is quadrature or opposition, then Pluto will strengthen the destructiveness of the aspect and add to the fateful circumstances in the events for which these planets signify in aspect.

It is very remarkable that people with such aspects do not consider themselves to be wrong. They think that everyone should be so and so, and they want to behave accordingly, but others simply do not have such a wonderful opportunity – to command, humiliate someone, etc.

Proceeding from this, we can conclude that Pluto will act in our life destructively until we eradicate our negative qualities, we will not stop manipulating people and chasing power in any manifestation. When we behave this way, we activate our natal Pluto with all its aspects, and accordingly, destruction and troubles will invade our life.

The destruction will concern those houses, which ruled by Pluto and the planet in aspect with Pluto, and those houses where Pluto and the planet in aspect with it are located in the natal chart.

The first house is how we carry ourselves into the world, as others see us. And if Pluto is in the first house, then others will see us as power-hungry people. Whether it is true – Pluto aspects will tell about it. If there are tense aspects to personal planets, then the surrounding people are not mistaken, and if Pluto is harmonious, then we will most likely never abuse our power.

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