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Practical Astrology: A Simple Method of Casting Horoscope

Practical Astrology: a simple method of casting horoscopes: and language of the stars easily comprehended  Comte de Saint-Germain

Author:  Comte de Saint-Germain

Year of publishing: 1901

The number of pages: 257 pages.

This book has many comprehensive illustrations.

A simple method of casting horoscopes. the language of the stars easily comprehended unfolding the wonderful wisdom of the Chaldean, Egyptian, Greek & Arabian astrologers, without any of the complicated, discouraging operations required by other means.

Book review:

The book will teach you practical appliance of astrological science as it was three centuries ago. This book, although it provides an entry level, I would recommend reading this text after you get the basic astrological knowledge. From the book, you will learn about the Signs of the Zodiac, the Planet, the Houses, etc. Interpretations are quite qualitative and, if not finding fault with trifles. So, the author does not differentiate the concept of Constellations and Signs of the Zodiac. It is one of the reasons that I would not recommend this book as an entry point to Astrology. However, the description of signs and planets is quite realistic, without smoothing of qualities, as is customary in modern astrology. In the second part, you will find a description of Tarot cards, with illustrations in the Egyptian style. This book is a significant legacy of the past and definitely should be read by those who are seriously interested in Astrology.

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