Determining a premature death of a brother or sister from a Horoscope

As we already know, the formula of premature death includes the formula of danger to life – 1/10 ~ 8 (damage of elements of the first and (or) tenth houses from the elements of the eighth house), plus an additional condition – damage of Mercury or 3 ~ 8 (Mercury and (or) 3 house of the horoscope is affected by elements of the 8th house or Black Moon).

The formula for the loss of a brother and sister, which was also discovered by the outstanding Russian astrologer Sergey Shestopalov, should be considered similarly to the formula of premature death in a native’s horoscope. The given formula for the loss or premature death of a brother or sister includes the inharmonious interaction of two houses of life: III (as the I house of a brother or sister in the system of derivative houses) and XII (as the X house of a brother or sister in the system of derivative houses) with the VIII house – The house of death (represented by the X house of his brother or sister in the system of derivative houses).

Thus, the formula of danger to life for a brother or sister is indicated, which can be written as follows:
1) III | XII ~ X.
(III or XII house inharmoniously interacts “~” with the X house in the natal chart).

The second necessary element of this formula should be the participation of the VIII house of the horoscope, which is responsible for any loss.


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