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Scorpio -The Scorpion ♏

Scorpio is a Cold, Feminine, Fruitful, Fixed sign and is ruled by Mars. The Sun enters Scorpio on October 22nd and passes into Sagittarius on November 22nd.

People born while the Sun is in Scorpio are of a pleasant and agreeable nature, kind hearted and sympathetic, not as generous as many who are born while the Sun is in some of the signs. They have acquisitiveness well developed and are fond of luxuries, are
quite economical and can put to good use much which would be thrown away by the average person. They are very headstrong and stuиborn and will allow no one to impose upon them, are slow to anger, altрough do not forget an injury done them for a long time,
and when angered are furious, they are somewhat emotional, somewhat dignified, and can be very deceitful and treacherous if their ruling planet is evilly aspected. Females born in this sign have a tendency to jealousy. As a rule, Scorpio causes one to be patient,
very determined and better adapted to accumulate wealth than the average person.

Scorpio rules the secrets and generative organs, and denotes weaknesws in that part of the body, as well as in the liver, throat and ankles. A s a rule, those born during the time the Sun is in Scorpio are subject to kidney diseases, bronchitis and torpid liver.

The average length of life is about 57 years* (please read my comment bellow the article!).

Scorpio people harmonize best with those born with the Sun in Cancer or Pisces, although they harmonize fairly well with those born in Virgo or Capricorn.

Tho typical Scorpio person is of medium height, broad shoulders, round full face, dark hair, generally the lower limbs not symmetrical. To have this description, the sign must be on the ascendant at the time of birth, and Mars must be in Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio; if in other signs this description will be modified somewhat.

The fortunate gems for a Scorpio person are the Ruby or Agate.

Scorpio people often hold high positions, they are best adapted to work requiring much patience and perseverance. They make good doctors, nurses, hotel keepers, etc.

For a location, they enjoy the country and places near water, they are not as fond of excitement as many are, and are more satisfied to be where it is very quiet. Sailing on the water, fishing, etc., are very entertaining to them.

Benjamin Butler, Martin Luther, Prince of Wales, Belva Ann Lockwood, are good representatives of Scorpio.

From Guide to Astrology by Fredrick White

* As for the duration of life – this is a purely subjective and unconfirmed opinion of the author. In reality, life expectancy is not determined by the Zodiac sign, but is determined by certain planetary-aspect configurations in the horoscope. You should not be frightened and do not take into account that information about life expectancy. You can read how to determine premature death in this article: “Determining a premature death from a Horoscope.”  ~ Alexander Demin

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