Solar and Lunar Eclipses

In ancient times, eclipses attached great importance. It was believed that the eclipse, mainly solar – is a sign of future disasters Ancient astrologers were obliged to observe the sky and predict the onset of celestial events, including eclipses.

Eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon are near the lunar nodes. A solar eclipse occurs only in New Moon, i.e. when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction. A lunar eclipse occurs only during a full moon, i.e., when the Moon is in opposition with the Sun.

Everything that happens to us during the eclipse and around it is fatal in nature. Solar eclipses affect our consciousness, Lunar eclipses are more concerned with daily life and affect the subconscious.

The birth close to eclipse (to a greater extent it relates to a solar eclipse) – a sign of fatality. This does not mean that the person will pursue a lifetime of unhappiness, just a person born in eclipse has a lower level of freedom, it is more difficult to change something in his life, it seems his life was programmed. A person born in eclipse is subject to the so-called Saros cycle, i.e. the similarity of life events can be tracked with a period of about 18.5 years.

From Volume 4 of Classical Astrology by Sergey A. Vronsky
Translated from Russian by Alexander Demin


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