Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. What to do at the time?

Depiction of a Total Eclipse occurred on May 12, 1706
Depiction of a Total Eclipse occurred on May 12, 1706

We have already told what to expect from a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. It is time for us to prepare for this important event of this month.

Total solar eclipse:

Eclipse Start Time – 19:40:33 London time (UTC/GMT +1 hour)
Maximum Eclipse Time – 20:04:35 London time (UTC/GMT +1 hour)
Eclipse would end with Sunset – 20:11:42 (UTC/GMT +1 hour)

A solar eclipse always occurs during the New Moon, since in this period the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, and the Sun is in the shadow of the Moon.

The partial phases of this phenomenon will be visible in the territory of: Mexico, Colombia; Iceland, Holland; Venezuela, Ecuador; Canada, South and North America; Brazil, Ireland, Guyana; Great Britain, Peru; Western Europe, Greenland; Portugal, Guinea.

The August full solar eclipse will take place in the creative sign of the Zodiac Leo. This will add to our love and optimism. And from the solar eclipse, all signs can expect more positive than negative influences. As in the case of the lunar eclipse, the most significant influence of the solar eclipse is on the fixed signs: Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio.

A solar eclipse will give us the impulse to move somewhere and change something. This period will be associated with a bunch of events and rapid changes. There will be creative impulses, courage to act, as well as the opportunity to stand out and show leadership qualities. After this eclipse, many will be able to somehow manifest and present themselves. Changes can be very global, but at the same time they will be produced accurately and qualitatively. We will have the strength to accept all the twists and turns of fate, as well as the desire for freedom.

All this will happen against the backdrop of optimism and love that will reappear in our hearts. Great changes can touch the sphere of relationships. The lunar eclipse on August 7 threw out many problems, and the solar eclipse on August 21 gives us solutions to these problems. This period can be a big leap in the professional sphere, an opportunity to express oneself through creativity, as well as a turning point or a transition to a new level in personal relationships. All this will be connected with the movement and actions on our part, on which the positions of the planets during the eclipse push us.

The August 2017 eclipses are associated with understanding ourselves and our place in the society, with our self-realization and relationships with other people. In this period it is important not to do anything stupid, not to succumb to temporary emotional impulses. All the events that occur during the series of eclipses (August 7 – 21) and a week after the solar eclipse (until the end of the month) carry a great meaning and influence in our life.

What is recommended to do on the day of a solar eclipse?

The eclipse, which will occur on August 21, has significant differences from the February solar eclipse. If in February the negative influence of the heavenly bodies prevailed, then in August a more positive effect will be observed. The definite location of Mars, the Sun, the Moon and some other planets during the eclipse allows us to conclude that the formed combination will have a beneficial effect on every person and on world-wide situations.

Long-term planning and solving global problems

If during the February eclipse, experts did not recommend starting an important business and using life force carefully, then on August 21, one can not doubt its energy potential, as well as deal with global issues. The only thing that depresses is the inability to see a quick result. Yes, the outcome of solving the problems will be positive, but it will be possible to observe the fruits of the expended efforts at least a month later. This is due to the location of Saturn, which is often called the “watchdog”. It is this planet that will not allow problems to be solved quickly. The energies that will prevail on the day of eclipse will have the most positive effect on the processes of creating long-term projects. Therefore, to start a business that is designed for several weeks, months or years, it is possible and necessary. They will be successful and will bring considerable benefits.

"The Sun in Total Eclipse" 1922, In Starland by Fanny Dickerson Chase
“The Sun in Total Eclipse” 1922, In Starland by Fanny Dickerson Chase

Thinking about solutions

Experts call people to prudence. This is especially true of personal relationships. Since the eclipse will pass through the fire sign, both minor quarrels and global conflicts are possible. Do not make hasty conclusions and double-quick decisions. At the end of time, this can be bitterly regretted. It is better to tune into a positive mood, postponing the clarification of relations for later.

Rest and proper distribution of energy

Due to the fact that on the day of the eclipse many people will feel a surge of energy, there may be emotional burnout. The main thing is not to overdo it, accepting several cases at the same time and trying to embrace the immensity. It can easily lead to the opposite effect – the forces will be left, irritation, nervousness and apathy will appear. Any signs of chronic fatigue can manifest suddenly. Correctly distribute the forces, have a rest more.

Cleansing the body and promoting health

Part of its energy is advisable to direct to improve the health of the body. If you have been planning a diet for a long time, August 21 will be an excellent starting day for this. After all, the correct diet is a project, designed for at least 2-3 months. And all global and long-term problems, the solution of which was launched on the day of eclipse, have a great chance of successful completion. It would be superfluous to perform cleaning and rejuvenating procedures. The process of releasing the body from toxins and toxic agents will be highly effective and easy. Even if you do not suffer from excess weight, give the digestive system rest. To do this, arrange a fasting day, eat only vegetables, fruits, greens, cereal, low-fat dairy products.

What’s not to do on 08/21/2017?

Avoid conflicts

The main enemies that can take away vital energy, make you feel emptiness and irritability, are quarrels with others. Particularly unpleasant may be the consequences of showdowns with relatives and close friends. Therefore, on August 21, you should not argue with anyone, even if there are serious reasons for this. Keep neutrality and do not engage in polemics. Do not cut from the shoulder, adopting hasty decisions, especially concerning significant life situations – not the best occupation for the period of eclipse. As practice shows, people later often regret their rash actions. So do not get excited. If there is a conflict, better retreat, even if you are 100% right. Let the quarrel exhaust itself and come to naught. And then, after a few days, you can return to resolving the conflict.

Do not be influenced by negative thoughts (or better ‘Be influenced by positive thoughts’)

In the period of eclipse, you should try to get rid of all negative thoughts. It is important to get rid of negative memories, forgive yourself and others for past mistakes. The greatest oversight can be the process of self-flagellation, because many people tend to blame themselves, suffer remorse. Drive out of your mind any unpleasant thoughts, think about a happy future, tune into a positive mood. Do not expose the body to serious stresses First of all, do not overeat and abuse alcohol. It is important to give the body the opportunity to have a good rest at night. Otherwise, throughout the day you will feel unwell. Also, experts do not recommend planning August 21 to conduct serious medical procedures and prescribe any surgical interventions.


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John Emslie. Eclipse of the Sun, Eclipse of the Moon. 1846.
John Emslie. Eclipse of the Sun, Eclipse of the Moon. 1846.

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