Solar Eclipse On August 21: How It Will Change The Destinies Of People And The World

For centuries, people have been afraid of eclipses. These days they often closed in the temples and called for the help of the Higher Powers. However, as practice shows, a modern educated person is also afraid of this astronomical phenomenon.

But there is no reason for this. On the contrary – an eclipse can be used as a unique opportunity to adjust your life and destiny.

Let’s start our explanation

A solar eclipse is a powerful event, which seriously affects all processes on Earth. After all, the Sun is an energy generator that sets the tone for the movement not only of the Earth, but also of other celestial bodies of the Solar System. Solar energy initiates and starts processes in the ionosphere, in the electromagnetic field of the Earth, initiates the phenomena of static electricity. The sun also creates energy that affects the processes in living organisms.

By the way, the famous 40-day cycles, present in different religions of the world – is nothing more than an indication of a Sun day, because the Sun turns around its axis for 40 terrestrial days*.

From astronomy, it is known that in the solar eclipse, the Moon shadows the Sun. Dimensions of the disks of the Sun and the Moon seem identical to the Earth Observer – this is because the Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon, but the Moon is 400 times closer to the Earth (note: the figure is also 40, although it is multiplied by 10). Thus, the streams of solar energies cease to flow to the Earth during the eclipse, and resume after the eclipse.

This “pause” can and should be used to change the fate for the better

Due to this, the vectors that set the rhythms for different processes and movements cease to function, and then gain strength again.

It is this “pause” that can and should be used to change the fate for the better.

The August 21 eclipse is called the “Great American Eclipse,” for the last time the US observed such a phenomenon in 1776

In Eastern Europe, including Russia and Ukraine, an eclipse will not be observed, but residents of North America will be able to enjoy it in full. Perhaps that is why the eclipse on August 21 is called the “Great American Eclipse,” because the last time the US observed such a phenomenon in 1776 – the year when this country was born. The previous similar eclipse was five centuries earlier – in 1257.

By the way, this eclipse will be one of the longest in the history of the planet. The total duration of this phenomenon will be about one and a half hours.

The eclipse will awaken huge transformational forces that will very quickly change the face of the world and the fate of people

The eclipse will awaken huge transformational forces that will very quickly change the face of the world and the fate of people – literally in time for the winter solstice on December 21, 2017. Most changes will affect those born under the sign of the Fixed Cross – Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius. Very powerful pure forces will be brought into motion throughout the planet.

Saturn retrograde in conjunction with the Black Moon and the Atria** star will resolve the ripe “karmic” problems beautifully and almost painlessly, harmoniously get rid of the burden of past mistakes.

Aldebaran in conjunction with the White Moon will cause a period of increased interaction of people with their guardian angels.

An important aspect of the eclipse is also the connection of Sirius with Selene in the sign of Cancer. Sirius is considered the star of the prophets. In the Middle East, it is believed that Sirius was the very Christmas star that pointed the way to the Magi. In addition, Sirius pointed to the birth of Krishna and Zoroaster, as well as the birth of prophets or founders of other religions. Cancer is a sign of the preservation of traditions. Thus, this combination will cause a powerful revival of ancient traditions that were lost by mankind.

In the period after the eclipse, new discoveries may  be made in the field of information technology

The situation of Kaus Australis and Riegel may suggest that new discoveries in the field of information technology and information transfer will be made in the period after the eclipse.

During solar eclipses, there are also fluctuations in the intensity indices in electromagnetic fields, which can cause disruptions in electrical networks and power plants. Eclipse can also be accompanied by a deterioration in people’s well-being. So, on August 4, 2017, Oregon radio stations offered the residents of the state help in providing the water supply and necessary medications on the eve of the eclipse.

There is an ancient ritual practiced on a solar eclipse

Put the round mirror with the reflecting side up on the table. The mirror plays the role of a reflector of dangerous vibrations if they suddenly appear. In addition, the mirror symbolizes the Spirit of the Sun and the solar disk.

To the right and to the left of the mirror, two glasses of water are put. A special role in the ritual is played by visualization. 19 minutes before the peak of the eclipse (on August 21, 2017, the peak of the eclipse will be at 11:30 in Los Angeles time (UTC-08:00)), it is necessary to imagine how all of the negative disappears from your life – the illnesses have gone, the obstacles have gone, the laziness has left, and so on . Further in the imagination we dissolve this negative in space like sugar in tea.

In the peak of eclipse, one should give love to the Absolute. This gift of love can be accompanied by pronouncing the sacred syllable OM (Aum). Then within 19 minutes we are engaged in the creation of positive: health is coming, success is coming, power is coming, and so on.

At the end of the ceremony, you should drink water from the glasses: first from the one standing to your left, then from the one standing to your right.

Will it be the end of the World?

On the eve of the eclipse on August 21, media from different countries again began to exaggerate the old topic of “the end of the world”, about “plunging the Earth into a two-week darkness” and other traditional “horror stories”. However, I want to assure readers that there will be no end to the world this time! Please relax and use this time to improve your life for better!

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* The rotation of the sun depends on where the observer measures it. Spots at the equator for about 24.47 terrestrial days, a complete revolution around.

Astronomers call this the sidereal period of rotation, which differs from the synodic period by the amount of time needed for spots to turn around the Sun when viewed from the Earth.

The speed of rotation decreases as we approach the poles, so that the period of rotation around the axis can reach 40 days at the poles.

Sun rotational observations
The movement of the Sun is clearly noticeable if one observes its spots. All spots move over the surface. This motion is part of the general motion of the star around its axis.
Observations show that it does not rotate as a rigid body, but differentially.
This means that it moves faster at the equator and slower at the poles. Gas giants: Jupiter and Saturn, also have differential rotation.
Astronomers measured the rotation speed of the Sun from a latitude of 26 ° from the equator, and found that one revolution around the axis takes 25.38 days. Its axis makes an angle of 7 degrees and 15 minutes.
The internal regions and the core rotate together as a solid body. And the outer layers, the convective zone and the photosphere, rotate at different speeds.

** Atria (Alpha Trianguli Australe m 1.92)
Keywords: Just, truthful, righteous and benevolent, interest in architecture and freemasonry
Effect: Very Fortunate


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  1. The sun turns on its axis approximately once every 24 earth days at its equator and once every 33 earth days at its poles. Where does the 40 day notion come from?

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