Symbolic Directions In Modern Astrology

Symbolic Directions In Modern Astrology

Author: Charles E.O. Carter (1887-1968)

The Year of publishing: 1929

Topics: Astrology

Publisher: W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd., London

Rights: Out of copyright

Source library: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Library, Mumbai, India

The number of pages: 94 pages

Language: English

One of the Best books on Predictive Astrology!

Book review:

In this book, Charles Carter seeks a method of astrological forecasting that produces accurate results without the complicated calculations of Primary Directions. To quote Carter, an ideal directional system should fulfill four criteria:

1. No important event should pass without a direction.
2. No direction should pass without an event.
3. Events and directions should correspond narrowly in time.
4. Events and directions should correspond in character. (from page 10)

To achieve these goals, Carter examined a number of symbolic systems. Symbolic because they were not based on any actual planetary movement, but rather, were arcs, arbitrarily chosen and then uniformly applied to all factors in the natal chart.

In this book, he presents the best of his research. Among the systems of exceptional merit are the One degree, the Naibod (59 8 ), the Duodenary (2 degrees 30 ), the Sub-duodenary (12 30 ), the Septenary (4 2/7ths degree), Novenary (3 degrees 20 ) and the Fractional Measure, which is based on natal aspects.

Along the way, Carter s restless mind tackled the subject of death. Here, he discovered what he termed the Measure of Death. He says while it does not always forecast death, the Measure of Death is always present at death.

Carter found symbolic directions to have real value in astrological forecasting. His work remains unique.

This book was first published in 1929.



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