Money Prospects In A Horoscope

Good indications of financial success are Jupiter in the 10th or 2nd house and well aspected; or, Venus in the 2nd house well aspected by a conjunction, trine or sextile to the Sun or Moon; or, in trine or sextile to any planet. If Jupiter or Venus be in the 4th or 7th house and in good aspect to other planets, it is a very good indication of a fortunate and easy life. 

Finding Financial Success or Failure in a Horoscope

The rich and the poor.
The Rich Man and the Poor Man. Poster. 1902. Fragment

Astrological indications of material wealth in a horoscope, Indications of poverty, Indications of the most significant sources of income, Indications of unemployment, etc.

Each paragraph corresponds to certain astrological indications, increasing probability of events. The asterisks at the end of the line – one (*), two (**) or three (***) – indicate the importance of this indication.   In order for any factor to be significant for a person, the total number of asterisks must be at least five.