The Ascendant or Rising Zodiac Sign

The Ascendant or Rising Sign.

Appearance, Temperament, General Character.

That part of the sign *) which at birth was rising on the eastern horizon, gives the form of the body, the temperament and the character in general, modified, however, by the signs in which ☉ and ☽ are placed and by the influence of those planets which occupy a prominent place in the horoscope e.g. in the ascendant or in M. C.

Relations With Children In a Horoscope

Painting by Donald Zolan
Painting by Donald Zolan

Astrology makes it possible to determine the relationship with children in a horoscope. The cusp of the fifth house, its ruler and the planets in it describe your attitude towards children. And, in particular, points to the possible first child. Whether you want a child, it depends on many factors, and the horoscope as a whole should be carefully studied. 

General Judgment of a Horary Chart

Hermes Trimegistus. Cave of the Ancients. Secretum Secretorum. 1140.
Hermes Trismegistus. Cave of the Ancients. Secretum Secretorum. 1140.

Often will one apply to an Astrologer with no radical question to ask, yet is very sincere and earnestly desires to know the general conditions which surround him or her, and if changes are liable to occur soon, under these conditions, the artist may execute a figure and judge it in a general way; but must be careful not to predict  radically good or evil conditions in the future, unless the querent seems real anxious in regard to matters the artist may speak of.