The Constellations

The twelve great constellations of the zodiacal belt which forms the Earth’s orbit and the Sun’s shining pathway around the celestial universe have been considered as mere imaginary figures, or emblems, invented by an early, primitive people to distinguish the monthly progress of the Sun and mark out, in a convenient manner, the twelve great divisions, or spaces, of the solar year. To this end, IT IS THOUGHT, the various star groups, termed constellations, were fancifully imagined to represent the various physical aspects of the month, under, or into, which they were consecrated by the Sun’s passage during the annual journey, so that, in some sense, the, twelve signs or constellations were symbolical, not only of the seasons, but also of the labors of the year.

That such a system seems perfectly natural to the learned mythologist, and that granting the ancients so much is a very great concession toward this CHILDISH KNOWLEDGE is, of course, quite excusable when we are constantly told, or reminded, that actual science—that is to say, “EXACT SCIENCE,” does not date backward more than a couple of centuries at most.



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