The Elements Of Astrology

The Elements of Astrology

Author: Broughton, Luke Dennis, 1828-1898

The Year of publishing: 1898

Topics: Astrology

Publisher: The author

The number of pages: 528 pages

Language: English


Book reviews:

Students of the so-called occult sciences will be glad to learn that a new and excellent work on astrology has just been published in this city and London, the author and publisher being L.D. Broughton, M.D. The book, which is entitled “Elements of Astrology,” is a comprehensive and lucid text-book on this most ancient science. Several books on this subject have been published during the last few years both in this country and in Europe, but it would be difficult to find one which is more instructive or more interesting than the present work. As a rule modern astrological text-books are mere compilations of earlier works, and contain little or nothing that is original. Dr. Broughton’s book, however, is not of this sort. True, it contains much that may be found in Lilly’s “Christian Astrology,” and other old books on the subject, but it also contains much that will be new even to the trained student. This will not surprise those who know that Dr. Broughton’s father and grandfather were firm believers in astrology; and that he himself has been studying it all his life. It is doubtful if there is any man living now who has cast more horoscopes than he has, or is more skilled in this fascinating science. In the present work, Dr. Broughton not only lays down clear and simple rules for the guidance of students, but he also gives us some notable horoscopes of prominent persons, and some interesting reminiscences of his career as a teacher and champion of astrology. Altogether this is an admirable book, and one which deserves to be welcomed by all those who are interested in this curious, old, predictive science. –New York Herald, November 13, 1898

Astrology still has its attractions, and probably thousands of persons resort to its professors every year to have their horoscopes cast. It is a curious study, and the fact that its devotees are not diminishing is shown by the number of books dealing with it that are constantly issued, both here and abroad. One of the latest of these is a curiosity in its way. The author is Dr. Broughton, of this city, whose horoscopes in the Sunday News some time ago will doubtless be remembered. The title of this work is “The Elements of Astrology,” but, apart from giving instruction in the subject, it is full of really interesting information. The future of persons now living is forecast with frank confidence, as for instance, that of the boy King of Spain, Alfonso XIII, of whom it is said that he is very liable to meet with accidents, “particularly to the head, face and abdomen;” and further, that, “as he gets older he will become quite stout, similar to Queen Victoria, as he is born under th same planet in the same sign and he will look much shorter, but will have a gentlemanly appearance, and, like the Queen, he will be very ambitious.” –New York Sunday News, October 30, 1898 —

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