The Hand-book of Astrology E-Book

The Hand-book of Astrology by Which Every Question of the Future, on Which the Mind Is Anxious May Be Answered – Volume 1

The Hand-book of AstrologyContaining the Doctrine of Nativities, in a Form Free of All Mystery; by which a Man May Calculate His Own Nativity and Learn His Own Natural Character and Proper Destiny, Volume 2

Author: Zadkiel, 1795-1874

The Year of publishing: 1835

Topics: Astrology, Natal Astrology, Horary Astrology

Publisher: Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, Paternoster Row., London


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The number of pages: 2 volumes of 145 and 129 pages

Language: English


About the author

Richard James Morrison (15 June 1795 – 5 April 1874) was an English astrologer, commonly known by his pseudonym Zadkiel.

Morrison served in the Royal Navy, but resigned with the rank of lieutenant in 1829. He then devoted himself to the study of astrology, and in 1831 issued The Herald of Astrology, subsequently known as Zadkiel’s Almanac. In this annual pamphlet Morrison, over the signature Zadkiel Tao-Sze, published predictions of the chief events of the coming year.

His other works include the books:


THE extensive sale of the Grammar of Astrology, as evidenced by the issue of several large editions, warrants me in putting forth another work, for the use of persons who desire to examine for themselves the principles of Astrology; and which shall also serve the purposes of those students who practise the science, either in its genethliacal or horary branches. This is the object of the Handbook of Astrology.
It will offer evidence abundant, forcible, and irresistible, of the truths of those fundamental principles of astral influence upon mankind, for which I have publicly and unceasingly contended from the period wherein I first put forth the “Herald of Astrology,” in 1830, until the present moment.
But it will also contain, in a condensed form, the leading rules of the science, for the use of practitioners, who will thereby be saved the trouble of reference to larger works of standard authority, the pith of which they will find, as it were, in a nutshell. Thus this work will lay claim to the character, as well as the title, of a Hand-book.
The contents of this work will leave all who condemn astrology, without understanding its principles, or examining the evidence on which it is based, entirely destitute of excuse; and, therefore, entitled to the pity and contempt of all who prefer truth to error, and desire to honour the name of God by obtaining a knowledge of His laws, and by applying that knowledge to the benefit of their fellow-creatures and the glory of His name. To all such, bidding them ever to remember that the planets agunt non cogunt, do INFLUENCE, but DO NOT COMPEL, are offered ardent wishes for health, wealth, and the wisdom of the stars, by

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