The Planets

Wladyslaw T. Benda. The Earth with the Milky Way and Moon.
Wladyslaw T. Benda. The Earth with the Milky Way and Moon.

In the first two chapters, we have completed what is called “the Orientation of a Horoscope”, meaning by this the position of the Sun on the Ecliptic on the day of birth of any one whose life we propose studying.  Of course, without this exact date, nothing can be done toward the casting of a Horoscope, but, on the other hand, astrological readings, to be reliable and truly personal, depend on other facts and calculations which will be gradually unfolded to the reader. Horoscopes based solely on Zodiacal indications have a real, intrinsic value and one of the most popular books in America claims that they include everything worth knowing in this order of ideas.

But the details of one’s life, i. e., information about Health, Fortune and Love, are not convincingly and accurately revealed by the signs of the Zodiac, studied singly and by themselves.

Although I have neither the space nor the inclination, in these short and practical lessons, to attempt a defence, or simply an explanation, of the mysteries of ancient Astrology, I must state the following as an article of faith in astrological researches.

In this great Universe, all the realms, all the Worlds, are included in a huge solidarity, just as in our little bit of a world the various elements, whether endowed with life or not, all depend on each other and are the component parts of a great whole. If this be so — and this primordial law is being made clearer and more certain every day by the discoveries of modern science — the larger celestial orbs or luminaries exert a most decided influence over us — the Earth — just as we, ourselves, do exert an influence over them.


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