The Signs of the Zodiac


As explained to you In the preceding chapter, the “Zodiac” is the zone of the heavens whereon are to be found the various omens or predictions which are to constitute a primary “Horoscope.”

The great importance ascribed to the Zodiac by all the astronomers of the most ancient times, is proved by the elaborate and artistic representations of it, which are still to be found In Eastern countries, such as China, India and Egypt. Our frontispiece pictures one of the most famous of these, hewn in stone.

The twelve equal divisions of the Zodiac are called “Signs”; each of them is itself divided into thirty “Degrees” or days, and every one was born in one of these degrees. The first thing to know, therefore, is the ancient meaning of each of the signs and the type peculiar to the human beings born under it. I shall give in this chapter a summary of the leading features belonging to the Signs. Before doing so, however, I will state that the Signs have been classed into four groups, or “Trinocracies,” according to their dominant characteristics.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, are “Fiery Signs.”

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4 thoughts on “The Signs of the Zodiac

  1. Dear Alexander, Im sorry but you have changed the order of the archetypes according to what we have learned through the teachings of Emma Costet of Masheville. Have you heard about her?

      1. Aries on the right and Pisces on the left looking at the picture.Aries is Simon, Taurus is Jude Thaddeus, Gemini Mathew (hands to one side face to the other Cancer – Philip: from Bethsaida the one with hands forming a “crab” gesture Next comes Leo – James: commonly identified with James the Less, with open hands, chest exposed (Leo gesture) and of course pushing Philip and Thomas to the back, kind of trying to assume centre stage and so on. Thomas oh Virgo with his pointing finger ( a famous gesture of Virgo) Scorpio -Judas Iscariot with a bag of money , Capricorn- Andrew with long fingers facing you with a “stay at distance gesture etc …

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