We have studied, sufficiently for all practical purposes, the first two elements of a Horoscope, namely, “the 12 signs of the Zodiac” and “the 6 Planets.”

Now we reach the third element, which, intelligently combined with the two others, will give us the most extraordinary inside view into the lives of the subjects under inspection.

This new and distinct element in our study consists in another method of dividing the Zodiac, discovered or prescribed by the ancient Magi, and their successors, the Egyptian Priests. Here again, the Zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts, called this time “Solar Houses,” and designated by the numerals I. to XII. in Roman figures.

The student will remember that, when we began our examination of the Signs of the Zodiac, we placed the first Sign, “Aries,” in what is called the “Orient” ( = East) of the Zodiacal circle. This same space (to the left hand of the reader when examining a diagram of the Zodiac) is permanently occupied by House I.

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From Practical Astrology by Comte C. de Saint-Germain

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