The Use of Astrology

THE 7 PLANETARY GODS. Erasmus Franciscus, The Lust House of the Upper and Lower World, Nuremberg 1676.
THE 7 PLANETARY GODS. Erasmus Franciscus, The Lust House of the Upper and Lower World, Nuremberg 1676.

From that which precedes, it becomes clear to us, that in order to find harmony, we must learn in our present physical existence to have our lower self, with all its desires and habits, ruled by our conscience, correctly speaking our higher self, which is our real being. That higher, true self, struggles to conquer “the dragon,” the lower self, by which it gets the opportunity to re-unite with its divine Source.

What is it that astrology teaches us? It shows us clearly the weak points of our character in all their nakedness, no hidden corner of our character need escape us. Astrology teaches us how, by calculation, to find the time when these weak points in our character will be liable to manifest, and so we can arm ourselves beforehand and stand firm towards that time. In this way, we can together with other methods such as meditation, self-communication etc., warn off these disturbances in our physical and spiritual health.

Further, we can find, by calculation, for what kind of activity certain times are most suitable, – we learn to make the most of our time, and, because we choose the fittest time for our work, we give the best we are able.

How astrology enables us to understand our fellow-men better, and therefore, to treat them with more tolerance, I have already observed.

Everyone has weak spots in his character, and he who has the habit of criticizing and slandering his fellow-men, is blind to his own faults, and for this reason does not advance one step in evolution.

Of incalculable use artrology may be combined with the medical science. Those doctors, who, in their profession, use astrology in diagnosing, in administering medicine, in operating upon their patients, etc., at points of time astrologically suitable, know this from experience. The number of physicians who study astrology is already very large in the United States, and increases steadily.

All that happens in nature and its subdivisions is the outcome of natural laws and powers that work in the universe; and by studying carefully these cosmic powers, we learn what we have to do and to leave undone in order to live in harmony with these powers.

From the history of the ancients we learn that in early times, medical and occult knowledge including astrology, were united in one person, the priest-physician. Of this we find traces throughout the middle-ages, but the astrological knowledge we see recede more and more into the background. It is a fact that at present we are rapidly progressing in opposite direction. The anathema, which suppressed this knowledge for ages, seems to be lifted.

Author: C. Aq. Libra


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Ripley Scroll Huntington Library, HM 30313
Parchment, roll of 6 membranes; 3,247 × 392 mm. 196 lines of verse. Written in an italic script, badly rubbed in some areas.
Written in England in the second half of the sixteenth century. A number of other rolls with variations of this text and with similar illustrations were produced about the same period; London, Brit. Lib., Add. 5025 is dated 1588. Belonged to C. W. Dyson Perrins (1864-1958). Acquired by the Huntington Library from Sotheby’s, 9 December 1958, lot 42 with a plate of the upper part of the second picture, showing the fountain.


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