Uranus and Uranus People. The Uranus Opposition

The Uranus icon ♅ can be viewed as two semicircles, which are held together by a cross resting on a small circle. These are two antennas that receive new energy from the collective unconscious to transmit it to matter.

A small circle, symbolizing the spirit, is the main support for physical matter. The main idea of the symbol is that God lives on Earth in each of us. He awakens humanity to the realization of the spirit within us.

Uranus in Greek mythology is the deity of the sky (ουρανός • (ouranós) in Greek is the sky), the son and husband of Gaia, the goddess of the Earth. He belongs to the first, the oldest generation of the gods. In his honor, the planet Uranus was named. It is firmly connected with the creative principle, and, like Heavenly Father himself, she embodies the unbridled, uncontrollable, unauthorized power of nature. 

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